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Sea Glass Rings

Duo Ring

Duo ring with green and white sea glass wrapped in wire. Two sea glass stones are separated from each other to give an effect of two rings in one. Size 6-7.

Frosed Ring

Single sea glass ring with light green frosted sea glass wrapped in twisted artistic wire. Size 8.


Beautiful, mate, light green sea glass from Barbados, wrapped in silver non tarnish wire, double band. Size 5

Ice Rock

Beautiful single white sea glass wire wrapped in non tarnish silver wrapping. Size 8.

Pink Peony

Silver plated ring, twisted band and 100% recycled pink glass is wrapped in German style wire. Size 5

The Rock

Single brown sea glass ring. Brown sea glass is wrapped in a bronze wire. The band is crochet. Size 7.

All sea glass jewelry rings are hand crafted with genuine hand-picked sea glass from Barbados, artistic wire, sterling silver and tarnish resistant wire. Every piece is tightly wrapped to make a secure bond between a ring band and sea glass nuggets. There is a variety in sizes to make a perfect fit for you.  

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